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Biota is a young, fast-growing distribution company founded in Baku, Azerbaijan, in 2011.

Having brought together bright and talented professionals with experience in the largest successful projects, Biota has demonstrated the highest quality standards of operations and consolidated cooperation with all the key clients and partners in Azerbaijan in a short time.

The strategic advantage of the company that distinguishes it from its competitors is the fact that it operates not only as a logistics service provider but as a full-fledged trading partner, making the most of its extensive international and local expertise.

Biota provides a full range of services from transportation and customs clearance of products to distribution, tracking, and promotion of goods directly in retail outlets.

The company independently builds, implements, and integrates the market entry strategies, as well as develops and realizes marketing and trade marketing campaigns.

The high requirements that Biota puts on itself and its global partners speed the long-term growth and development of the company.


Biota is a market leader in providing products and services for pets and their owners.

The pride of the company is the high standards of representation in the specialized retail outlets for pets, which provide customers with widespread access to the products and the constant availability of a wide range of brands sold by the company.

Strategic Cooperation

We closely cooperate with various local and international organizations whose activities are related to pets.

Our goal is to exchange knowledge, technologies, and experience, as well as support initiatives aimed to protect pets, provide them with healthy nutrition, and create the necessary conditions for ensuring a convenient life for pets.

Healthy Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations for Pets

We are actively sharing the recommendations from the world-leading experts in the field of pet nutrition through social networks and close cooperation with veterinary clinics, dog associations clubs, and various breeders.

Charity and Social Responsibility

Biota continuously supports animal welfare volunteers and pet shelters by providing venues for organizing various events, gatherings, and work meetings, as well as providing shelter pets with free products.


To help people and their pets have constant access to quality goods and services at a fair price.


To become a company that builds and maintains strong long-term relations with its partners and provides its clients and consumers with the best products and services.